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Non Jealous Girl

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Non Jealous Girl

So Totally Not Jealous

Non Jealous Girl is a recent meme featuring the head of a very sanguine looking female on a background of red, blue, yellow and green triangles. She is not jealous. That is about the extent of this meme. It could be considered as a subcategory of other “Girl” type memes, although to date there lacks a high number of meme examples of Non Jealous Girl in action, despite the large potential for demonstrating the female viewpoint vis a vis absence of jealousy.

The actions of Non Jealous Girl are not quite as hilarious as Jealous Girl’s are. Being blasé and calm just hasn’t hit the right chord with people yet, and the meme has not gained popularity. Often this is the case where one meme sets of a slew of meme imitators, or sub categories of the meme that play on different versions of the original meme.

It doesn’t always work, though, for what made one thing funny does not necessarily make the converse or inverse of it funny as well.

The few notable meme versions of Non Jealous Girl that can be scrounged off the internet include: “Sees BF f*cking other girl – I ain’t even mad”, and “Ex GF coming over tonight? I’ll leave and give you some alone time then”.

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