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Created Feb 10, 2011
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Successful Black Man

Successful Black Man

Successful Black Man is a meme that focuses on the ironic juxtaposition of a successful black man in full business suit attire with any kind of gangsta humor. The meme’s text begins with a reference to anything having to do with the gangster/hood culture, which generally focuses on drugs, hos, stealing cars, and other things.

The second line of the meme is where the reference intentionally bombs as it is translated by an unaware, upstanding professional black man, who is obviously clueless about the reference’s intended meaning.

The creator of the series, who wishes to remain unnamed, stated that the idea for the series of memes came from a work discussion on the topic of reverse discrimination. The creator, who goes by the pseudonym "Michelle Gellar", says that"… it took several tries to find the right negro, but eventually I settled on what now exists".

The meme spread quickly, but unfortunately spawned many completely unfunny, insensitive, and racist versions that complexly missed the point and were extremely discriminatory.

The original and successful ones stay true to the intended theme of their creator, however, and include "Last night I got some coke …. Zero for the office holiday party".


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