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Sgt. Foley

Sgt. Foley

Also referred to as "Ramirez, do everything!", this meme comes straight from the shooter game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which was released in 2009.

Players of the game will be all too familiar with the orders barked out to the hapless Ramirez (themselves) by good old Sergeant Foley. As gameplay goes on, some of the orders become more and more demanding and odd, and finally someone had enough and developed the meme where Sgt. Foley starts asking for ridiculous, impossible things to be done. And he doesn’t ask, he orders. Hence the "Ramirez, do everything!" appellation.

Though the meme started as an inside joke amongst the players of Call of Duty, it nonetheless caught on quickly and spread around the internet. Even non-players of the game have had the universal experience of having someone constantly demand that they do things or perform tasks that either don’t make sense or are impossible and requiring near Herculean effort.

The meme itself follows a common format, showing the head of the hapless Ramirez centered on a multi-colored background of colors shooting out behind him. He is in battle gear with his helmet complete with chin strap.

Notable quotes from the Sgt. Foley meme include: "Ramirez! What’s 42 divided by 0?", and "Ramirez! Make a thundergun out of this tire!" There has also been some backlash to the backlash as it were, with a response meme back to Sgt. Foley, requesting that he shut the f*ck up, etc.


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