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Ronald Mcdonald Call

Ronald Mcdonald Call

This meme is also known as the Ronald McDonald meme. It features the iconic and long-lived mascot for the McDonald’s fast food chain. This clown is known for his white face, red lips, screaming red hair, and loud outfit. Throughout the history of McDonald’s, he has represented the brand as a cheerful, fun, lovable character, promoting the various food items of McDonald’s to children everywhere in television commercials and print ads.

But there is a darker side to old Ronald. Several years ago, the man who formerly played Ronald McDonald became a staunch vegetarian and spoke out about the abuses of the meat industry, which was not good for McDonald’s reputation.

Now he is captured in a meme, holding a telephone and barking out orders. The humor of the meme comes from the dichotomy of a cheerful clown saying nasty things, and there have been many versions of this meme expressing that.

Normally, Ronald McDonald is cheerful and happy, frolicking about without a care in the world. Seeing him in a managerial situation or other situation where he is in charge and frustrated to the point of exploding is definitely a funny sight.

Most of them relate to McDonald’s products, the McRib taking the large brunt, but others are more general statements of phone abuse. Most versions of this meme tend to call out McDonald’s for its industry abuses relating to its massive production, treatment of animals, and negative impact on the environment.

Notable examples of this meme include: "I know the McRib tastes like shit by Fatty wants it", "I’m a vegetarian, McBlow me asshole", and "Keep clearing the rainforest, we need more beef Motherf*cker".


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