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Internet Husband

Internet Husband

The Internet Husband meme is also known as Redditor’s Wife, or Anon’s wife. The photo depicts a harried-looking wife in a nightgown, tiredly gazing down at her husband who is glued to the computer screen.

The origin of the photo itself comes from the archives of Getty Images, and it had the original title there of "Man working at computer with sad woman in background". Since then it has been re-titled numerous times. The photo was originally meant to depict a man who was a Reddit addict, but since then it has been used in numerous variations based on the unhappy wife and the clueless, distracted husband.

One of the reasons that this meme became so popular is that so many people can identify with the computer becoming like a mistress in a relationship, where all the time of one spouse becomes devoted to the computer, and the personal relationships suffer because of it.

When looking at the photo, it is very easy to discern without words what is going on. The wife is resigned and about to go back to bed, and the husband is plugging away, thoroughly captivated by whatever is on this computer screen. It’s not looking good for the couple in question.

Notable variations of the meme include references to internet inside jokes and popular culture, as well as other memes.

Some examples of the meme include the photo with the tagline: "I told him if he didn’t get of Reddit I was leaving with the kids – His only response: ‘Challenge Accepted’", and "I asked him to take out the trash – He responded: ‘Not your personal army’".


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