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FaggotJosh is your stereotypical angry bitter movie geek. He has 10 laserdisc players, 18 VCRs, 3 betamax machines, and no DVD players. He owns 6000 VHS tapes, but decides to burn every blu ray that he gets. Literally. He literally sets them on fire.

Faggot Josh is very loud and aggressive about his opinions, many of them ranging from conspiracy theories that "Back to the Future" is racist, or that "Blair Witch 2" is a good movie. He likes to name call and bully people online, but don't you dare bully him back. Faggot Josh considers that hate speech, and doesn't tolerate it, while still calling you a cunt in the same breath. The only way Faggot Josh would possibly like anything is if it's older than 1995, or if you're one of his bros who he frequently has brewskis with.

Faggot Josh is also aggressively wrong in many of his statements. Often times, Faggot Josh will give out misinformation while yelling at you that it is indeed a "fact," or he will give you a true statement and forcibly tell you it is "false." His facts may be wrong, but he will try to convince you otherwise by sticking his middle finger in your face. Due to his appearance, Faggot Josh will sometimes get mistaken for a token redneck or a racist. Or both.

Raise your children well, people. Raise them to be good, decent human beings. Raise them to stay in school, eat their vegetables, and be friendly to their common man. Don't raise them to be joyless, bitter, incorrect members of society. Don't raise them to be a Faggot Josh.


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