The conservative brain is so interesting to me. They actually listen to Alex Jones, this alone is mind boggling. They believe in opportunity & the american dream but then deny it to immigrants. They believe in the constitution so much when it comes to guns but when it comes to freedom of religion they want to close down mosques. They hate socialists, when a socialist president bailed them out of capitalisms big failure. They see that Paris got attacked by ISIS and they react by saying the Iran Deal needs to be ripped apart even though ISIS has no alliance with Iran. They claim they hate the government getting in their business but are quick to vote yes on the patriot act. I really enjoy watching them start these "revolutions" when only about 20 old white dudes show up to their rallies...

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@Anonymous-355131215 it's funny that you lost, but somehow still think you're entitled the win. I don't listen to Alex Jones btw, I just don't like democrats. You're all a bunch of arrogant jackasses.


Europeans can emigrate to the whole world (millions to USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina and Australia); exterminate native populations; rape asians, natives and africans women at will; create colonial wars; enrich with colonization; can finance bombings; can throw a lot of people into gas chambers and concentration camps; can finance the destruction of local cultures, but when some Arabs fleeing from despair appear in Europe, europeans start whining. After all, it is the right of the white man to treat the world as his personal whorehouse while remaining secure in his fortress.
In Redneckland, they vote for Trump instead of carry their white asses back to Europe.


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