Trollface - i bet you cant press ctrl and like this meme
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Trollface Trollface

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i bet you cant press ctrl and like this meme - Trollface



When I created this meme, it was just a simple attempt at trolling. Never would I have dreamed 3895 Memegenerator users would up vote it and make it the most popular Memegenerator meme of all time. I would like to thank my family for their love and support, even when I ignored them and sat at my computer making memes. I might have done well at my job, but this recognition from the Memegenerator, which I very much appreciate, comes at the cost of a LOT of other peoples’ work. Everyone from the donut guy up to the webmasters deserves at least a little credit for what I believe is the finest meme I’ve worked on. So that I get full credit for creating this meme, my real name is Bybybuhbuh. My parents had a sense of humor. My sister’s name is Hurhurhurhr . And when my mother would go out to call us for dinner and she’d go Bybybuhbuh! Hrrhrhr bbrbrb.


Wow good meme


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