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Paul Hilfinger

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Paul Hilfinger


You're a brand new level 1 EECS student at UC Berkeley. It's your Telebears appointment. What do you do?
>> search for classes
You find a class called CS61a. It looks like a fun, introductory course.
>> enroll
You take CS61a and do well. It is a fairly difficult course, but you learn a lot and your mind is opened up to the beauty of Computer Science. You have gained 10 experience! You are now level 2! Now its your Telebears appointment again. What do you do?
>> search for classes
You find a class called CS61b. It looks like another interesting introductory course. You are very excited after your experience in CS61a.
>> enroll
You encounter a wild Hilfinger! His astronomical expectations are leagues beyond your abilities.
>> study and spend all night in Soda hall programming.
Hilfinger counters with Project 1! You are completely out of your element. You have never encountered such a powerful force! You have been defeated.

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